What is Node.js?

What is it then?

Technically speaking it is a runtime environment for Javascript, but what is that? To understand that let’s first look at how Javascript traditionally runs.

Why use Node?

There are many things you can do with Node, but the thing that makes this a very attractive technology to learn is the fact that you can use the same language to make the whole stack. Node allows a Javascript developer, traditionally a frontend developer, to now be a full stack developer using Node.

Can you still use the same Javascript code?

Some of it. Some core functionality and core methods are different but a lot of it is still the same Javascript code. One of the main things are modules and the fact that variables are not available across javascript files since in this case there will be no HTML file that brings both files together.


This isn’t meant to teach you how to code in Node, instead its like a lesson 0 to give you an idea of what node is and in what direction you’re heading. By the time you’re reading this I might already have a begginers guide to Node for you to check out. I hope this was a good introduction to Node to clear up some confusion that I had when first introduced to Node. Happy Coding!



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