What is NextJs and Should You Use It?


NextJs is a React Framework that comes with many extra features and a ton of things built in, which includes routing, API support, and a lot of things you would probably import anyway.

Built-in Routing

One of the features people see right away is the built-in Routing and it makes it so easy to set it up and to keep adding.

API Routes

Yes, the API Routes are built-in too! With this, you can go to

Images Optimization

This is something no one considers until it’s an issue, but image optimization with the built-in Image component can make it load so much faster, and only load it at the necessary size.

Generating Sites

Lastly, we have the option to generate a Static or Dynamic site, or both if you want!


NextJs has a lot of built-in things to make the process of building a website so much faster, easier, and in some cases more secure/reliable! Someone working on a single site for a long period of time may not seem that big of a difference but for someone who constantly is making new sites, using NextJs can eliminate a ton of tedious work, which makes everything more enjoyable, it saves time and helps make more money



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