How to Learn NEW Coding Languages FAST

Phase 1

Phase 1 can be annoying but it is really worth it! All you have to do is

Phase 2

Make a cheat sheet!

Phase 3

This is by far the single best way to learn a new language, beginner or not, and in my opinion, is the only way to truly learn a language.

Phase 4

This one is a bonus step but can REALLY accelerate your learning and I have seen major improvements when I did this myself.

Finding a Partner

We are programmers and we use technology to solve issues, so use it to find a buddy! There are so many ways to find a partner that will be ready to hop into a project with you.


Now you know the way to learn a new language and have a bunch of guidelines and tips to accelerate your learning to the max! As with everything in the programming world, it takes effort and focus to learn and stay on track, but it is something anyone can do and there really is no excuse for failing, I gave you the answers so start learning! Happy coding!



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