For the people following my progress, you’ll know I’m making a fun web game and my immediate next step is a backend. Why am I considering using both a custom API and a ready one? And why should you?

This blog is not about whether you should learn to make a custom API or not because I believe it is an essential skill, even if you plan to exclusively use ready APIs. The focus is more on how to decide which to use for each situation.

Ready API


Ready APIs are great! They allow you to get started immediately with whatever it…

In a previous blog, I explained step by step how to make a 4x4 grid with HTML and CSS. At the beginning and end, I said there are better ways to do things, that are more automatic and scalable, and that is exactly what we will be doing in this blog. This is what I did to improve the 4x4 grid for a project I was working on it, so at first, we will be making the same grid, except in Javascript, and then making it better. …

I was doing a project and quickly needed a 4x4 grid, so I looked it up to see if there is an easy way to do it and I was faced with so much confusing information and decided it would just be easier to manually do it myself. This was by no means a big project and it was not meant for scaling, so in the case that you do need a much larger grid or one that scales up, another method will definitely be required.

The Goal

First things first, what is the goal?

I need a 4 x 4 grid…

I recently stumbled upon Lua which is a scripting language and wanted to learn it. This blog is going to be similar to a cheatsheet, documentation style, which makes this a great resource for someone who already knows coding or coding concepts and just needs a reference to get started in Lua, which is also what I will be using it for.


We can’t start without Hello World so this is how you print something:

print(“Hello World”)

And for commenting a simple -- will do the trick like so

--this is a comment

Declaring a variable does NOT need to…

So you’re exploring the complicated world of programming and find yourself constantly looking up terms that you aren’t sure the meaning of, and two of these are Frontend and Backend. In this blog, I will explain what those terms mean and help you decide which one you would like to pursue, though eventually, you should learn both.


Very simply, the frontend is what the user sees and interacts with when for example, they go to your website. The languages generally involved are HTML, CSS, and Javascript, with all their libraries and frameworks too, like React.

This is where ALL of…

So you are probably wondering if you should attend a coding or software engineering bootcamp over other alternatives. I'll explain some advantages and disadvantages and give my reason for choosing to do so instead of college.

Basic Reasons to attend

Maybe you’ve been out of the coding world for a while and want to brush up on all your skills and knowledge but can’t do it alone or need a faster method, then this is an excellent way to do so, though a bit pricy.

Another good reason I found, is showing that you finished some kind of recognized schooling., …

If you’re reading this I’m sure you already know that React is still technically Javascript but with a huge library that changes A LOT of things. So more features should make it easier to build websites and web apps right? From my experience, I found that using React actually makes building web games, specifically, harder and in this blog, I will explain why that is.

Game Logic

So one thing that generally doesn’t change, is the logic as it's still vanilla Javascript, an if statement in React and Javascript are the same. …

Starting React can be confusing, especially when it comes to JSX. After this blog, you will understand what JSX is and how to use it so you are no longer confused. Before we start a thing to keep in mind is that JSX is NOT HTML.

The Basics

JSX, used in React, is actually Javascript that is written similar to HTML that later turns into real HTML. This is used to structure and add functionality to your website at the same time. Let's see an example:

const title = <h1> Super Awesome Kitchen </h1>;

We are setting the constant variable of title…

Congrats on learning what an if statement is! I know you feel like conquering the world with your limitless power but before you fail at doing that, sit back and make some cash!

Get a Job

The biggest secret to making money is getting a job. Well…maybe not, but what people don’t know is that there are multiple types of jobs you can get, and you can even have multiple at the same time. Most common and the one people always think of first is getting a job with a company that hires you as an employee. …

So it’s no secret that AI(Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning is becoming a really big thing nowadays. Hundreds maybe thousands of people a day, work on machine learning to do anything from cheat in online chess to recommending what videos you see on YouTube. But what exactly is machine learning to begin with and how does it work?

Do we know?

So unfortunately many times, even the programmers themselves who build these bots don’t really know exactly how they work and big companies will often times hide how their “bot employees” actually work.

The good news however is that they don’t make themselves…

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